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Who is 

What do you get when you mix an Osage Native American with a coal-miner's daughter, a Holocaust survivor and a juvenile diabetic?

You get the artist/creator behind  Vildekind - a unique line of clothing and accessories designed with humor, cultural sensitivity, a love of all things wild and natural, and a bent towards activism, whether that be for the global environment or the smaller one we create around ourselves.


Vildekind is about being your true authentic self; being proud of who you are without fear of judgement and without judging others.

It's saying, "I believe in this." "This is important to me." Or,  "I have something I want to tell you about myself."

It's a celebration of the wild child inside of you,  the one you were born to be,  before society told you differently. 

Let's celebrate that wonderful person together. 

And let's also have some fun!

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