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The Osage Collection Premium Cropped tee - Maria Tallchief

This ultra-premium, ultra-stretchy, ultra- comfortable cropped tee is just what's needed for all your day and night-time adventures! Comfy and stretchy enough for yoga but so sharp and eye-catching you'll want to wear it out for the evening. Featuring the Vildekind / Wahzhazhe ( ð“ð“˜ð“»ð“˜ð“»ð“Ÿ ) design on each sleeve, this cropped tee is a 'cut' above the rest. Pick your favorite design and you've got a can't miss tee for your wardrobe all year-round!

The Osage Collection Premium Cropped tee - Maria Tallchief

  • Elizabeth Marie Tall Chief is widely considered to have been America's very first Prima ballerina. At age 17, she moved to New York City and took the professional name Maria Tallchief. There she met the famous choreographer George Balanchine, and the combination of his difficult choreography and Tallchief's passionate dancing is said to have "revolutionized" the ballet. Maria was an international sensation as well, and she was the first American to perform in Moscow's famed Bolshoi Theatre.


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