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Sauce vs. Gravy - Team "Gravy" ( light color tees )
Is it sauce or is it gravy: the debate every proud Italian has an opinion about! In this version the great Roman Emperor Julius Caesar weighs in and decrees, "You may call it sauce, but it's gravy." In six awesome colors, this ultra-soft tee will feel like a treasured favorite while telling everyone it's defintely "Team Gravy" you're on!

( Featuring "Team Gravy" on the right sleeve, this tee is bound to get some comments, so be ready to tell those team "saucians" just how wrong they are. ;) )

Sauce vs. Gravy - Team "Gravy" ( light color tees )

  • Some color options may not be available for all sizes, i.e. XS, 3XL and 4XL. 

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