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Sake' Mom - Cheery Blossoms Print - New!
We've all heard of "soccer moms." This shirt is for the Sake' Mom in your life. They may be busy carpooling kids all week, but come Friday, hello Sake' Mom. This premium tee's design features beautiful cherry blossom buds and flowers. Plus, it features a mini sake' bottle on the right sleeve and the Japanese word  純米  ( Junmai = pure rice sake' ) on the left, making this not just your ordinary tee, but an ultra attractive eye-catcher, as well. Just add sushi and you're ready to go!

Sake' Mom - Cheery Blossoms Print - New!

  • Please note:
    - Some color options may not be available for all sizes, i.e. XS, 3XL and 4XL. 
    - On some of our products there may be an additional charge for sizes 3XL and 4XL ( when available ),  as well.

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