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#MMIW Red Handprint Awareness Hoodie

This hoodie was specifically designed to give maximum exposure to this important issue in the very best way possible. Featuring the iconic red handprint on the front, it also has "No more MMIW" boldly printed on the right sleeve, and "#MMIW Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, girls and two-spirits" on the back, so whoever sees you wearing this will not only pay attention to the cause but they'll also know where to get more information. In this striking and eye-catching hoodie you are the billboard for the cause, so the more you wear it, the more the message gets out there. Plus, this hoodie is so ultra-super-unbelievably-soft and light-weight, this will instantly become the hoodie you want to wear all the time, everywhere you go. Which is, of course, exactly the point!

And, like all of our Vildekind #MMIW designs, your purchase includes your donation to Native Women's Wilderness.

#MMIW Red Handprint Awareness Hoodie

  • In support of the #MMIW awareness campaign, Vildekind will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these items to Native Women's Wilderness, a grass-roots organization dedicated to empowering native women, children and two-spirits through outdoor exploration and is an important activist in creating MMIW awareness.

    For more information and to add your support please visit: and give them a follow on instagram at @nativewomenswilderness.

    #nomorestolensisters #notinvisible #mmiw #mmiwg2s #NIWRC #nativewomenswilderness @nativewomenswilderness

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